Indoor Trampoline Park

While we have tons of activities here at Jump Off, there’s no doubt that our main attraction is our indoor trampoline park. Nearly half of our entire facility is covered in trampolines.There’s one big reason that kids of all ages stop by every day: it’s just plain fun!
Whether you’re stopping by for an afternoon of fun or are training to become a better athlete, our trampoline park is ready to send you flying into the air again and again.

Extreme Dodgeball

Trampoline dodgeball is extremely fun. You’re surrounded by dozens of trampolines, both underneath you and on the sides. There’s also padding all around, so if you don’t end up landing on a trampoline and bouncing back, you’ll always end up landing on something soft. It’s great fun for all ages, whether young kids are just bouncing around having fun or if there are adult teams who want to get together to practice.

Air Dunk

When most people watch a basketball player dunk, there’s no doubt nearly everyone thinks “I wish I could do that.” With Air Dunk, you’ll have a bit of help. Well, you’ll have a lot of help as you go sailing toward the basket with ball in hand! All you need is the ability to bounce, and bounce you will when you use the potential energy found in our trampoline springs to get you 10 feet or more in the air!

Foam Pit

The world if full of hard surfaces. Doors, floors, walls, and most objects you encounter every day are going to hurt if you bump into them or have them thrown at you. That’s what makes a foam pit so fun, because it’s a place where you can jump in and everything around you is soft and comfy!
Here at Jump Off Indoor Trampoline Park & Fun Zone, we have over 5,000 foam cube for your enjoyment.


A slackline is kind of like a tightrope, but it’s considerably wider and sways from side to side much more. Because you’re constantly having to rebalance on a slackline, you increase your proprioception. Not only will your balance get better, but your body will be more ready for any rebalancing issues during a sport or throughout the day.
The slackline is a great way to help you improve balance while having fun at the same time.

Battle Beam

After one of the events on the American Gladiators television show, the battle beam is a one-on-one “combat” competition where two opponents take padded jousting sticks and try to knock the other person off. But don’t worry, nobody is getting hurt. So instead of hitting the ground, the only thing awaiting the defeated are 5,000 soft and squishy cubes. It’s almost as fun to lose as it is to win!

High Performance Trampolines

There’s no doubt about it…trampolines are great fun!
But trampolines can also be serious business. They’re an excellent way to help increase balance no matter what sport you’re involved in. In fact, the first trampolines were developed by gymnasts who were looking for a better way to practice tumbling. We have two Olympic-sized trampolines with padded walls, and they’re up to Olympic specifications as well. Come in and check them out!

Air Bag Jump

Nothing beats the Air Bag Jump! Instead of jumping into foam, you’ll be jumping onto an air-filled bags that absorb the impact. Pretend to be a Hollywood stunt man. Land on your legs, your back, your front, your side. It’s all good fun because the impact is so little!
Much like the high-performance trampolines, the air bag jump can also be used by those who are serious about their sport.

Play Zone

The Play Zone is three floors of fun, filled with slides, ball pits, inflatables, and all sorts of fun activities that really appeal to the younger crowd. It’s an amazing indoor playground that’s temperature controlled year ‘round.

The Play Zone is generally meant for younger kids, and there’s a 54” height limit to enter. BDon’t worry, we have them covered! There’s a special spot in our Play Zone for kids three and under to have the time of their lives!

Game Zone

 We have over 25 arcade games and other games of skill (like Skee Ball) that will keep kids busy when they need a little break from the constant exercise they’re getting. All of these are excellent ways to keep the kids active and social even when they’re not bouncing around. It also gives kids a chance to win tickets to turn in for some great prizes we keep at our exchange center.

Jump Off Cafe

This is where you can pick up a snack, hot or cold, when you’re feeling a bit peckish from playing so hard. We have pizza by the slice, candy bars, and, of course, drinks so that you can be refreshed.
Of course, the cafe is also a great place to just take a breather if you’re a bit exhausted from time at our indoor trampoline park, fun zone, or trampoline dodgeball court and have had your fill of games at our Game Zone, the Jump Off Cafe is the place to be. Find a table and relax, talk with friends, or just people-watch for a while.